Top 10 Benefits Of Body Sugaring


If you’re new to the world of body sugaring, you might not know all the reasons why it has been a cultural favourite for thousands of years – or even that the process started that long ago! While everyone’s familiar with waxing, shaving, or applying harsh chemicals to skin to literally kill the hair cells (that can’t be good for you…), body sugaring has always been the underdog that doesn’t get the praise it deserves.

And why does it deserve such praise over waxing? Here are our top 10 reasons to head down to GimmeSomeSugar!

1. Our sugar pastes are all natural. There are no chemicals, no resins or oils, no long-and-impossible-to-say compounds, or artificial compounds. In fact, if you wanted to, you could even eat the sugar paste and probably find it deliciously sweet. We stand by these statements and believe that there’s no better way to naturally get rid of excess hair.

2. Our sugar pastes specifically targets dead skin cells. With our technique, the sugar paste gently exfoliates only dead skin cells, leaving the healthy live ones alone to do what they do best – keeping your skin in tip-top shape. This results in a much gentler sugaring, especially on delicate skin tissue areas like the bikini line - the sugar is so gentle that it won’t tear the skin like wax can (and often does).

3. Subsequent sugaring treatments are effective and economical. Most clients see an immediate improvement in body hair refinement, and in many cases a major reduction in the hair, after the first or second sugaring – all while improving the overall condition of their skin.  This comes without the big price tag associated with other body hair removal alternatives.

4. Our sugar pastes are 100% water-soluble. Your clothes and your skin are totally safe around the sugar paste, from both staining and damage. The paste is easily washed away after sugaring with lukewarm water – you don’t even need soap or abrasive pads. You will leave your treatments feeling clean and smooth, with one less thing on your mind to worry about.

5. The process is done at a comfortable temperature. Since the paste is applied at a lukewarm temperature, there’s no risk of burning your skin with hot wax or damaging chemicals. As the sugar paste is massaged onto the skin, the warmth allows the paste to seep into the follicles which in turn causes the body hair to slide out more comfortably, for a complete extraction without body hair breakage or uncomfortable pulling.

6. We use only skin-conscious products that are paraben- and urea-free, and no petrochemicals with 100% consistent quality. Beyond that, our practitioners are certified ensuring the highest degree of education in the industry, knowing the products and the process, inside and out. We are here to serve you with exceptional customer service, amazing products, and incredible results!

7. The pre-/post-care regimen is very effective. Pre- and post-sugaring care is essential to eliminate any chance of skin reaction from the actual extraction of body hair, but that's only one crucial factor. The real effect of the extra care is to eliminate skin irritation due to improper skin care before and after sugaring for body hair removal. All of our products have been formulated, tried and tested, and proven extremely safe and effective to ensure our clients get only the best results. None of our products are tested on animals, only humans (who were undoubtedly very pleased with how their skin looked afterward). 

8. We work on all ages, genders, hair and skin types. Whether you’re young or old, extremely hairy or naturally smooth, the sugar paste achieves the best results from everyone. Regardless of skin type or hair thickness or experience, we have successfully extracted nearly every body hair type with incredible results using the trusted technique and products.

9. Save money on razors. There’s no need to shave between treatments, or let your hair grow. The advanced sugaring technique (ball method) requires only 1/2" of hair growth for body treatments (approximately 2 weeks), eliminating the long wait between salon visits and customer frustration. This means it’s actually better if you don’t shave in between, so skip the razor burn!

10. The process is 100% hygienic. Our certified practitioners never reuse the sugar paste, always wear gloves on both hands, and ensure that the paste is always discarded after each client is treated – no double dipping on our watch! Another excellent, and often unknown, benefit to using sugar paste is that bacteria do not breed in high concentrates of sugar, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.

We could go on for much longer, but at the end of the day, we’d prefer that you simply come see for yourself. Come see us at our GimmeSomeSugar HQ, down at 385 10233 Elbow Dr SW in Calgary, Alberta, or find us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about how you can look and feel your best after a visit. We can’t wait to meet you!