PRICING:  $53+

Upper Leg Sugaring and Waxing

Benefits of Upper Leg Sugaring?

Upper leg sugaring is exciting to have done because it usually means you've got something awesome to wear... or not wear :P  Using our amazing sugaring technique to perfect your already rocking upper legs means you're going to have hairless legs, better looking skin, and less pain during the process.  Another benefit is that you don't need to shave between sugaring treatments so let go of that awkward "let your hair grow" phase!  We only require 1/2" of hair growth for body treatments so you can avoid the long waits between visiting us and having a touch up!  (but if you have been shaving this requires at least 2 weeks of growth).  Read more benefits on blog about the Top 10 Benefits of Body Sugaring!

Can I also get Upper Leg Waxing?

Upper leg waxing is always an option for those of you who would prefer the tried and true!  Although we believe in sugaring a lot we are certainly not going to shut off that avenue from anyone who wants to pop in for a quick leg waxing.  Whatever you choose... we'd love to have you and look forward to meeting you all!