PRICING:  $20+

In Addition To Any Bikini Area Treatment:  $12+

*cannot be combined with any other offer*

Underarm Sugaring

Underarm Sugaring? What's that?

Underarm sugaring is a technique whereby your hair is removed through the ancient Arabic method of sugaring; which removes the whole underarm hair and the hair bulb from the skin.  It involves massaging a ball of sweet paste (made from sugar, water, and lemon) over the skin in the direction of the hair growth to remove it in one complete piece all while keeping the bulb of the hair intact.

Any Benefits to Underarm Sugaring?

♥ Sugaring is far less painful than waxing, which commonly involves pulling against the grain of the hair and causes breakage. Sugaring is therefore much more effective at removing all of the underarm hair and keeping it away for much longer.

♥ The hair is removed from the root which means there won't be any of that unsightly stubble regrowth.

♥ An added benefit is that during this process the skin is gently exfoliated which will leave everything looking silky smooth!

♥ This process is so tame it is even suitable for those with psoriasis and eczema.