PRICING:  $10+

Toes Sugaring

Toes sugaring? What's that?

Toes sugaring is a unique service where any toe hair you may have is removed through an ancient Arabic method.  This will get rid of the entire bunch of toe hairs and their bulbs from the skin.  As you can tell from the image on this page... you will experience the massaging of a ball of sweet sugar paste over the skin of your toes in the direction of the hair growth.  This ensures toe hair removal in one complete piece all while keeping the bulb of the hair intact.

Any Benefits To Sugaring My Toes?

♥ Sugaring toes is far less painful than waxing them, which commonly involves ripping against the grain of the hair and may cause breakage. Using sugar is therefore a much more effective way to remove all of the hair and keeping it away for much longer.

♥ The hair is removed properly from the root so there won't be any of that unsightly stubble regrowth clouding up your beautiful feet!

♥ An extra bonus is that during this process the skin of your toes is softly exfoliated which will leave everything looking sandal ready!