If this is your first sugaring experience, please make sure your hair growth is at least 1/2 inch long (about 10 - 12 days growth) prior to your first appointment. 

Come with clean dry skin. Your skin must be free of any excess oils, lotion, deodorant or any other skin care products on the area of the skin to be sugared.

Avoid the sun/tanning beds for 24 hours prior to your appointment, as sunburned skin cannot be sugared.

Do not exfoliate the day before, the day of, and the day after a treatment, as skin can easily become irritated.

If you tend to be pain sensitive, taking a pain medication 30 minutes prior to your appointment will help ease any discomfort you may feel and will make you more relaxed.


Exfoliate gently 2 to 3 days a week to help prevent ingrown hairs and breakouts - this will help to keep your skin in good condition between sugaring appointments. Use a clean drycloth to exfoliate dry skin. 

Moisturizing with a water based lotion will keep the skin healthy, hydrated, and ready for your next treatment.

Please do not use a razor or depilatory creams in betweenappointments.