PRICING:  $20+

Nostrils Sugaring or Waxing

Benefits of Nostril Sugaring?

Nostrils sugaring is superior to waxing because who wouldn't prefer some sweet sugar in their nose instead of wax?!  LOL!  Jk.  But for real getting your nose sugared is great because it will rid you of any annoying nose hairs by removing them more gently than waxing would while also removing them in such a way that they will stay gone longer and the overall process is much less painful - which is a plus when dealing with our sensitive noses!

Can You Just Wax My Nostrils Instead?

Nostril waxing is another option that we have available.  If it's your tried-and-true then don't turn us away as an option!  Our team is highly experienced in both sugaring and waxing to remove nose hairs and we would love to help you out no matter which way you prefer!  We can't wait to meet you all and help you out :)