PRICING:  $20+

Nipples Sugaring

What is nipples sugaring?

Oh, boy. Nipples sugaring!? What’s that? It sounds like something sweet for a baby’s bottle… but it isn’t! Nipple sugaring is a less painful way of removing nipple hairs. If you have a few stray hairs in your nipple area and would like them professionally removed (with care) then sugaring is the absolute best way to go! Hairs are removed in such a way that it causes less pain, irritation, and less visits between servicing over traditional waxing.

Benefits to having my nipples sugared?

As stated above, there are many benefits to using body sugaring for nipple hair removal. When it comes to a sensitive part of the body it is always beneficial to choose a process which is the LEAST painful and causes the least agitation. Sugaring has many more benefits that can be viewed in our blog on our top 10 benefits of sugaring. See you soon ;)