PRICING:  $25+

Men's Underarm Sugaring or Waxing

What is mens underarm sugaring?

Men’s Underarm Sugaring is basically armpit hair removal… with pizazz! Haha! Body Sugaring is an ancient technique that removes hairs from your body by using a sweet sugar paste instead of hot and sticky wax! Armpit hair is removed with far less agitation and pain therefore many people who have tried it once never look back. Learn about the 10 Top Benefits of Body Sugaring here!

Can I get my armpits waxed instead?

Of course you can! We are definitely biased toward people getting sugared since we’ve all had such great experiences with it BUT if you have your heart set on traditional armpit waxing instead then we are certainly more than qualified to perform this with expertise! We are kind of like hair removal gurus over here so don’t be afraid to choose waxing ;)