PRICING:  $20+

Men's Shoulders Sugaring or Waxing

What is men's shoulders sugaring?

Men’s Shoulder Sugaring is a phrase you don’t hear everyday! What is it, exactly? The short answer is - an alternative to shoulder waxing. Sugaring is an ancient body hair removal technique that depends on some sweet, delicious sugar paste instead of the traditional hot wax. The benefits more talked about (over waxing) are how less painful it is, how less irritated the skin becomes, and how you can walk out of the service without being sticky at all! Learn about all of the benefits in our blog!

Can you just wax my shoulders instead?

We don’t turn away people for requesting traditional waxing - we swear! We believe highly in our body sugaring but are very skilled at shoulder waxing as well because we ensure we are able to offer all forms of hair removal here at GimmeSomeSugar! Simply book in and you’ll be very impressed with our services - whichever you choose :)