PRICING:  $15+

Men's Fingers Sugaring or Waxing

What is Men's Fingers Sugaring?

Men’s Fingers Sugaring isn’t the result of enjoying that ‘Fun Dip’ candy from when we were kids… it just SOUNDS like it LOL! This is a great alternative to waxing for hair removal. We know it may sound odd to some people to remove the hair from their fingers but it isn’t really very uncommon. Many professionals don’t want to look unkempt in the few areas of skin that are revealed while wearing a professional suit. We all know how to ensure we look good from the neck up when we are dressed for the big meeting but what about cleaning up the other parts people can see? This gives a clean, refined look to you all around! Learn the benefits of this hair removal process in our blog!

Can You Just Wax My Fingers Instead?

We can absolutely wax your fingers instead! Some people prefer the sugaring because you are never left with sticky fingers immediately following the treatment. This is important for some people because they wear rings or other jewelry that they want to stay clean. If you prefer waxing your finger hair instead then don’t hesitate to book in with us and we’ll have you all clean and smooth in no time!