PRICING:  $20+

Men's Eyebrows Sugaring or Waxing

What is men's eyebrows sugaring?

Men’s Eyebrows Sugaring is the solution to “How Do I Tame My Unibrow?” LOL! For real though it is basically a great alternative to mens eyebrow waxing. If you want to try a new way of removing eyebrow hairs that will likely leave you with less irritation and cause you less pain during the process then this is the way to go! We have special training and use a unique sweet sugar paste instead of hot wax. View all of the benefits of sugaring here!

Can I have my eyebrows waxed instead?

If you have been getting your eyebrows waxed for years and are more comfortable sticking with that (no pun intended) then by all means book in for a brow wax and we can hook it up! Our estheticians are amazing with all techniques of hair removal and will be sure to impress no matter which style you choose to go with. Can’t wait to meet you ;)