FULL CHEST PRICING:  $70+ (add Full Back for $50+ more)


Men's Chest Sugaring or Waxing

What is Men's Chest Sugaring?

Men’s Chest Sugaring is a lesser-known way of removing the chest hair with a far better result than traditional chest waxing. Although it isn’t a new technique by any means (it is actually ancient) it seems to be growing in popularity lately and lucky for us… we’re ahead of the game! We apply a special sugar-based paste and remove the hair in such a way that it causes less irritation and many report much less pain! What a win!

Can I just get my chest waxed instead?

No! …okay we’re just kidding. You can ABSOLUTELY go with a traditional chest waxing instead of using the body sugaring style. If you are more comfortable with sticking with your tried and true then all the power to you! We offer and are experts at MANY forms of hair removal. Whatever you prefer… we’ve got you, Sugar ;)