FULL BACK PRICING:  $70+ (add Full Chest for $50+ more)



Men's Back Sugaring or Waxing

What is men's back sugaring?

Men’s Back Sugaring is the way of the future! …err… the past… since it’s ACTUALLY a really ancient technique. We’re only calling it the future because for some reason many people today haven’t heard of it and thought traditional back waxing was the only way to go! Getting your back sugared is going to leave you with less skin irritation and ensure the hairs take longer to grow back once they have been removed. We use a special sugar paste instead of wax and it works amazingly. Take 2 minutes to read our Top 10 Benefits Of Body Sugaring blog and you’ll want to book today!

Could I just get my back waxed instead?

Well… if you waaant to! LOL jk of course you can!! We love our sugaring and like to tell everyone there is another option alongside traditional back waxes but if you would prefer waxing your back then we are definitely highly skilled at that as well! Book in today and we can get your back all smoothed out and looking as defined and sexy as possible by the end of the day ;)