Men's Arms Sugaring or Waxing

What is men's arms sugaring

Men's Arms Sugaring is a way of removing arm hair that you may not have heard of.  It is an alternative to traditional waxing that many people prefer due to the benefits it offers.  One benefit is that bacteria does not breed in high concentrates of sugar like the concentrations of our sugaring paste.  There is also no possibility of cross contamination because our experienced team never re-uses our sugar paste, never double dip, and always wear gloves on both hands.  Sugaring also makes it less painful and less likely to become ingrown in the area of hair removal.

Can I have my arms waxed instead?

If you find yourself preferring to go with the old faithful arms waxing then we can also offer you that option.  Our estheticians are very good at handling whichever you would choose but we would suggest giving our sugar a try one of these days - you might love it, fellas ;)