PRICING:  $48+

Lower Leg Sugaring

Benefits of Lower Leg Sugaring?

Benefits of lower leg sugaring include the fact that there is no risk of burning your skin!  This is so awesome because you can plan on wearing shorts out of the treatment without any worry of unsightly burn marks that can sometimes happen when traditional waxing is used.  Our awesome sugar paste is gently massages onto your skin which allows the paste to seep into the follicles which allows the body hair to simply slide out much more easily.  This complete extraction results in some quality hair removal without any hair breakage.  View more benefits in our blog about the Top 10 Benefits of Body Sugaring!

Do You Also Offer Lower Leg Waxing?

If you have tried our sugaring and for some reason still feel waxing is right for you then we'll still hook you up!  Our estheticians are incredible with both traditional waxing hair removal as well as our unique sugaring technique.  Give our services a quick glance and book in so that whichever route you choose... you'll be able to rock those outfits you've been dying to strut!