PRICING:  $20+

Lower Back Sugaring

What is Lower Back Sugaring?

Lower back sugaring is exactly what you need when you are wanting to rock that awesome top that reveals a lot of your lower back!  Whether it is just a little fuzz or more significant hair - sugaring is your solution!  This ancient technique of hair removal works great for both guys and gals by gently exfoliating the skin while also gripping your hairs properly to remove them really deeply so they will stay gone!  Many people report less pain during removal, less irritation afterward, and a lot more fun than waxing because... well... what isn't fun about using sugar to make us look and feel better!?  You can more benefits in our blog about the Top 10 Benefits of Body Sugaring!

Why Should I Sugar My Back?

You should sugar your lower back because it is superior to traditional wax in so many ways.  This technique uses 100% water soluble sugar paste so there is no risk of staining your clothing or your skin!  This is important for an area like the lower back where there is usually a lot of contact with either your shirts or the top of your jeans/pants.  Come get sugared and experience it for yourself - you'll love it!