PRICING:  $35+

Lower Arm Sugaring

What is Lower Arm Sugaring?

Lower arm sugaring is the best way to remove lower arm hair without having to use traditional waxing.  It involves the use of our fancy sugar-based paste and is much less likely to cause any irritation afterward.  Sugaring your arms will also remove the hair in such a way that it isn't going to grow back very quickly!  Our sugar pastes are all natural with no chemicals additives, zero wax resin, and no essential oils because adding them provides no added value for sugaring to extract hair.  If we added any of that stuff then we couldn't brag that our pastes are delicious and edible!  LOL!

Any benefits to sugaring my lower arms?

As mentioned above, our sugaring process is all natural and is therefore much less likely to leave you or your skin irritated.  Our pastes are also 100% water soluble so there will be no risk of damaging/staining your clothing, and more importantly... no damage to your skin.  This paste is easily washed off afterward with warm water.  You are going to leave your sugaring appointments feeling clean and smooth and not worrying about sticking to anything on the way home :)