PRICING:  $101+

Full Leg Sugaring or Waxing

Benefits Of Full Leg Sugaring?

Full leg sugaring is great because it will get you all ready to slip into that little black dress without having to put yourself through the pain many feel from waxing.  Another benefit is that there isn't a risk of damage or staining to your clothing (or your skin!) because our unique sugar paste is so easy to wash away after a sugaring session.  We simply use lukewarm water and everything comes right off!  You are going to be left feeling clean, smooth, and without worrying about your clothes being affected.  You can see a full list of benefits here in our blog.

Can I also Get Full Leg Waxing?

Full leg waxing is also available to our clients who would prefer it.  Some clients haven't tried our sugaring yet and others have and still don't mind the waxing whatsoever.  If you are one of the people who don't find waxing all that painful and you'd rather stick with that (no pun intended) then book in and we'd be more than happy to get your full legs waxed in a jiffy!  We can't wait to meet you :)