PRICING:  $40+

Full Back Sugaring

What is Full Back Sugaring?

Full Back Sugaring is the way to go if you are wanting to do any back hair removal without all of the pain and redness commonly felt with traditional back waxing.  Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal that's great at removing unwanted hair from our backs so we can feel confident wearing a halter top around town!  Guys... you want to have a smooth back too?  This is also a great solution for you.  You'll have way less ingrown hairs and are going to love the experience - we promise!

Benefits to getting full back sugared?

There are many benefits to having your back sugared and we have a list of 10 on our homepage.  One of them is that this process works very well on every skin type and hair type.  You have really tough skin and hair types?  No problem!  We have successfully extracted from almost every body hair type with amazing results using our best products and trusted techniques.  Come experience it for yourself :)