PRICING:  $45+

Full Arm Sugaring

What Is Full Arm Sugaring?

Full Arm Sugaring is your solution to removing the hair on your arms from the bottom all the way to the top.  We do this in a unique way that many of you may not yet have heard of - although it is ancient!  Instead of applying the waxes so many of us have been used to in the past; we apply a delicious little blob of sugar and get the job done while also exfoliating the skin gently!  We will leave you all ready to rock that sleeveless shirt or dress you've been dying to strut out in public!

Are there benefits to full arm sugaring?

There are so many great benefits to sugaring your arms or sugaring anything on your body, really.  We have a list of 10 on our homepage but we'll highlight one here:  There will be no risk of damaging or staining your sleeves after your arms are sugared because the paste is easily washed away afterward with lukewarm water.  You are going to leave your sugaring treatment looking and feeling clean and smooth!  We know you're going to love it!  Can't wait to meet you ;)