Fingers Sugaring

What Is Finger Sugaring?

Finger sugaring only SOUNDS like it is candy-related...  like when you are snacking and look at the delicious sugar left on your fingers - but it isn't!  Getting your fingers sugared is hair removal in the most sugary way!  We use the ancient technique of removing hair with a special sugar-based paste we create and it does an incredible job of both exfoliating your skin and also removing the hairs in a less painful, longer lasting way! 

What are the benefits of sugaring Fingers?

There are so many benefits to sugaring for hair removal but one we will highlight now is that because the sugar paste is very easily washed away with lukewarm water after the treatment you will not be left with your fingers or hands sticking to things for the rest of the day!  You will leave feeling clean and smooth and with the smoothest fingers you've ever had!  We promise you'll love it!

PRICING:  $10+