Here’s our owner Maika doing some dermaplaning here at our location!

Dermaplaning is a professional approach to exfoliation of the skin.

Unlike microdermabrasion which has the potential to break skin fibres, dermaplaning is a safe and effective method to bring your best skin forward. A custom designed blade is used to remove the outer most layers of dead skin, leaving the skin looking radiant and feeling smooth. 

Physical exfoliation triggers the cell regeneration process and allows products to better penetrate skin. Dermaplaning is also excellent to rid the face of excess fine hairs which can often accumulate dirt and oil. Contrary to popular belief, vellus hairs, as opposed to terminal hair, will not grow back thicker or darker. However, dermaplaning is not suitable for those with excessive facial hair. Microdermabrasion, which also physically exfoliates skin, does not remove vellus hair. Exfoliation of dead cells along with the removal of fine hairs results in healthier, brighter skin that has a smoother look and feel. To help maintain that beautiful glow long after your treatment be sure to ask us about our Eminence Organics skin care products!


(90 mins - Includes a soothing face mask)

***A 50%  non - refundable deposit is required***


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