PRICING:  $20+

Cheeks Sugaring

What Cheeks Are You Talking About?

The "other" cheeks, of course! Make sure you don’t book in thinking it’s something else LOL! Whether you have a little bit of fuzz that you’d rather not… or you’re a full out beast - we can handle it, ladies and gents!

What are the benefits of sugaring my butt?

Is that a question you ever thought you’d find yourself asking? There are many benefits to body sugaring and they’re all applicable to you no matter which body part you are removing hair from. We all know that if you get your bum waxed and you drive home afterward… your pants can get stuck to your butt! One benefit of butt sugaring over waxing is that the sugar paste we use to remove the hair is actually water soluble. We use warm water afterward and the paste comes right off and leaves you clean and not sticky! Read all about the Top 10 Benefits of Body Sugaring in our blog and then book in today!