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part time practitioner

GimmeSomeSugar is seeking a highly enthusiastic Practitioner to join our team! We believe in creating an environment filled with fun, stylish, hard-working, beauty professionals with excellent customer service and reliable can-do attitudes!


➢ Skilled in sugaring hair removal

➢ Able to perform to the highest standard of quality and cleanliness

➢ Exceptional verbal communication skills

➢ Attentive and sensitive to individual client needs

➢ Extremely personable, professional, and self-motivated

➢ Reliable, dependable, and punctual

➢ Available evenings and some weekends

➢ Eager to learn and maintain GSS practices and standards

➢ Asset: Experience with Tinting, Waxing, Male Services

If you’d like to explore the opportunity to build your career and grow your clientele, please send a brief introduction and resume to:

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