T'was The Night Before Christmas...


T'was the month before Christmas, with its parties and cheer,

the month before dinners and a brand new year.

And under the glare of overhead lights,

Calgary people watched reflections with fright.

"There's hair on my face! Right there on my lips!"

cried a woman, quite sadly, with hands on her hips.

"And my legs are a forest! My tummy is covered!

What will I tell my holiday lover?"

Two blocks over, and one block south,

a man stood the same, with a slack-jawed mouth.

"I just can't believe it," he said with a stare.

"I'm just like a bear, if a bear had more hair."

So they, and all others in similar style,

looked at themselves for a good long while,

And imagined the moment, positioned beneath

the merry and marvelous holiday wreath,

When they'd brush up against the perfect lips

of their favourite person, in a perfect kiss...

...but they would run. They would surely seek

a quick retreat from hairy cheeks.

The man put his foot down. The woman's arm crossed.

"No!" they said. "All cannot be lost!

There must be a place somewhere in the city,

where I can feel confident, cool, and pretty."

They thought a bit harder, and rubbed on their chin.

"A place to feel good in the skin I am in.

Bonus points if they can make my brow...

mysterious. And dark, somehow.

Or a compliment that I look real nice,"

they said as they sipped 'nog and ice.

And it just so happened, they had both just heard

from their friend Alexander, who loudly assured

them he had recently visited just such a place,

to perfect his skin from his toes to his face.

"GimmeSomeSugar," he had repeatedly said.

"That's a name to remember, keep it in your head.

They sugar your elbows! They sugar your back!

They'll sugar your thighs and your hips and your --"

"Sacre bleu!" said the woman, remembering this.

She made an appointment, awash in her bliss.

Around the same time, the hairy dude friend

came wandering in, seeking an end

to the terrible fur that covered his body,

because he knew underneath lurked a hair-free hottie.

And so body sugar saved Christmas for them,

a trend that will happen again and again -

An easy and painless and shameless pursuit,

of a softer and smoother new birthday suit.

Rumours have said that even Santa's stopped in,

for a lightening of his intimate skin

(but we'll never tell, we take the secrecy

of our clients rather seriously).

So don't hesitate and wait no longer!

Hair can be strong, but sugar is stronger!

Give GimmeSomeSugar a call - don't delay!

Book a beauty appointment today!

You'll be glad you did when your Christmas crush

gets up very close and starts to blush.

And wherever your holidays take you this year,

have an excellent month from all of us here!