Our Highly-Trained Practitioners


Here at GimmeSomeSugar, we see a lot of people every week, and we know that when it comes to our clients, simply “good enough” isn’t good enough. When you trust a practitioner with the services that we offer, you want to be satisfied with the quality of work we’re known for – which is why we have such high standards for every one of our practitioners.

As you may know, the whole idea for the business began with Maika in 2005. It’s since bloomed into the salon that you have all come to love. One of the biggest reasons for our success is that all of our practitioners are highly trained, exceptionally skilled, and qualified to do our procedures – because all of them were chosen and some even trained by Maika herself. All practitioners go through extra training and mentoring when they come on board.

Of course, as with any salon, there will be variation: do you like your sugaring to be quick, efficient, and over as soon as possible? Or do you like the slower approach at the end of the day and make sure no hair escaped? Do you like to chat during your appointments, or just close your eyes and drift away while the work is done? Just as some people like firm massages and some like them gentle, either way is fine, and it depends on the person. All you have to do is ask, and we – yes, any of us – will be happy to change it up for you.

Now, while Maika’s work is amazing, she’s still only one person – and one person, no matter how talented, can’t possibly take care of everyone in a city the size of Calgary. That’s why the GimmeSomeSugar team exists, and why they are so dedicated to the high standards of safety, service, and satisfaction: even on busy days, no quality will be lost or overlooked. With the growth of the salon and with Maika dealing with some health issues, she will be moving to part-time practitioning work in order to renew her focus on the “business” side of things and her health. She will still be present every day to oversee all training, mentorship, and staff, and to ensure that everyone who comes in walks out happy – there will be no interruption in the service you’ve come to expect.

And in case you’ve never visited and you want to know what to expect from our practitioners…well, our clients say it better than we can. See some of our Google and Facebook reviews at the bottom of this blog!

With summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to stop by and take care of any unwanted hair before the beach season hits. Contact GimmeSomeSugar to find out just how sweet looking good can be!