K'Pure Products Now Available!


Here at GimmeSomeSugar, we’re always on the lookout for the best possible products – not only to use on-site with us, but to offer to our clients when they need recommendations. We love products that are both good for us and good for the environment, and give a consistently superior experience. So of course, when we find a product line that offers all of those bonuses, we get really excited to tell everyone about it!

We recently began selling products from K’pure, a BC-based company that has just about everything you could want. From soaps and scrubs to deodorant and makeup remover, there’s something for everyone – and all of it is all-natural, organic, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. Really, what’s not to love?

Here are some of our favourite products that we use in the shop every day (though this is just scratching the surface of everything they offer – it would take pages to list them all)!

1.     Almond Cookie Room Spray

This delicious room and linen spray was inspired by another bestseller, the Almond Cookie body oil. Infused with a blend of vanilla and bergamot, with the perfect amount of almond mixed in, this spray will make every corner of your house, car, or office smell amazing – all without any unpronounceable chemicals or artificial fragrance. Need a pro laundry tip? Spritz a bit of this on just-dried linens and pop them back into the dryer for a few minutes, and you’ll never need a dryer sheet again (and you’ll probably have dreams about giant, delicious cookies).


2.     Drenched Whipped Face and Body Oil

Other products may have said that they’re luxurious and rich, but they just can’t compete with this face and body oil. Whipped into a hydrating and nutrient-rich mousse, it’s made with organic shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter, and almond oil. It melts on contact with skin and soaks right in, leaving no grease and nothing but a silky-smooth look behind. There is no water, fillers, or harsh chemicals – just the high quality ingredients needed to make the rich whipped body butter.

As a bonus, it’s available in an extra rich formula with mango butter and a variety of scents: soothing vanilla, the ever-popular organic lavender/citrus essential oil blend, and organic patchouli/orange blend.


3.     Fix-It Luxurious Repair Balm

In need of some serious moisturizing skills? Look no further than this super-concentrated body repair balm, available in a 1 oz tube with a flip-top lid that’s perfect for bags, glove boxes, and purses. Made with (of course) all-natural and organic ingredients, it works on hands, heels, tattoos, dry hands, or anywhere else it may be needed – and with no essential oils, it’s even safe for babies. Let the naturally occurring aroma of mango butter, organic beeswax, and calendula flowers guide your skin back to its former glory!


4.     Pure Essential Oils for Diffusers

Having trouble deciding which scent is your favourite? Enjoy them all anytime you like with the K’pure organic essential oil blends for diffusers and nebulizers. Get them pure or diluted up to 5% in a carrier oil (like organic olive or coconut oil), and settle in to enjoy the calming aromas. We’ve found the diluted Deep Breath scent is great for clearing out colds, and Settle Down is the perfect way to help our clients unwind and relax.


The next time you’re visiting us down at the GimmeSomeSugar shop, take a look around at these and some of the other excellent organic products from K’pure. We know you won’t be disappointed!