Brow Tinting


If you walk down the beauty aisle at the local drugstore, you’ll find no end of colours to dye your hair: from subdued hues of blondes and browns, to eye-popping reds and blues, you can transform your locks pretty easily. But no matter how perfect you get your hair, if you’re truly going for a natural look, then you need to account for the parts that would otherwise give the whole game away. That’s right – you’ve got to tint your eyebrows. This is also very handy for those of us who have sparse brows as it helps fill in the gaps!


Luckily, doing this well is quick, easy, and painless – given the right tools and the right person doing it, of course. Use the tint to complement a new hairstyle, or simply to set them apart from the way they’ve always been when you want to wow a special someone. It’s the perfect finishing touch to make a brand new you!


At GimmeSomeSugar, we have plenty of experience in the process and we have it down to a science. When you show up for your appointment, make sure you have no makeup on, but don’t worry – the whole process will take less than 15 minutes. Yup, that fast! To really get the bang for your buck, simply add the process on to any other service that you’re already here for, and you’ll hardly even notice the extra time.


Once you arrive, you can choose a colour for your brows – including any custom colour that you want us to mix up for you. We’ll get your brows looking A+ in no time at all! Afterward, you’re good for the next week or so, provided you don’t scrub too hard in the shower or before bed, but one bonus part about the brow procedure is that the effect is cumulative, and subsequent treatments will last double or triple that length of time. 


As soon as you’re done with us, you can hop right up and head out, and you can even go hit the gym immediately without losing any of the colour. The dye that we use is specifically designed for brows, and is completely safe to use. It won’t break down the structure of the hairs and “burn” them out, so you get all of the flair and none of the damage.


So – if you find yourself in need of some TLC after the hectic holiday season, and your grooming has fallen off a bit – that’s what GimmeSomeSugar is here for! In addition to the tinting services, we offer a full range of sugaring, waxing, and skin lightening. Call us today at 403-891-7891 to find out more, and we look forward to seeing you (and your sweet new brows) in 2019!