Abusing Our Staff


We live in an interesting time for businesses. With the rise of a culture of instant satisfaction and constant vigilance, it’s now common for the relationship between a business and its clients to be much more level than it used to be. While this is great for a lot of reasons, it can also lead to troublesome situations – like when a client is unsatisfied and, instead of dealing with it in a more traditional way, may lash out verbally or physically towards the staff.


We wish we didn’t have to say so, but unfortunately we have to point it out: there has been a rise in behaviour that simply isn’t welcome in our workplace, and we want to address it before it gets any worse.


We understand that it can be frustrating if you’re having a bad day, and things just don’t seem to be going your way. We get it – remember, we’re people too! We know it can be irritating if people are running late, there’s too much traffic, we spill our drinks…whatever the case may be. But we’re also all adults and we don’t think it’s too much to ask that each of our staff members gets the respectful treatment they deserve.


After all, we strive to do our very best, at every point along the sugaring journey, to ensure that each client has a positive and satisfactory experience. Perhaps we can’t succeed with everyone, but that doesn’t stop us from trying nonetheless – and if you have an issue or a concern with some of our staff or service, we would be more than happy to assist you in remedying the situation, to the very best of our ability.


What we won’t do, though, is tolerate profanity, abuse, or violent threats directed at any of our staff. As a private business, we have a right to a safe and friendly work environment, and if we feel threatened by a client, we reserve our right to send them along to the next place instead. Obviously, this is not an ideal solution, but we would rather have this situation happen than one in which our staff is injured or threatened.


Maybe down the road, we will invent a system that allows both customers and staff to rate each other, like Uber, and we can all be aware of potential issues before they occur. Until then, though, we are all in this together, and our main goal – after performing flawless hair removal, that is – is creating a warm and welcoming space where everyone, client and consultant, feels right at home.


We can do our part, but it’s up to all of you to do yours. Thank you in advance for helping us out and making GimmeSomeSugar not only a great place for hair removal in Calgary, but an excellent place to work as well!