5 Ways To Be More Attractive


Let’s start this off by making this perfectly clear: if you’re happy with who you are, then that’s the most confident and attractive quality a person can have. And at the end of the day, it’s all that matters. You are loveable, beautiful, and whole, without doing any of the things on this list. But if you’re feeling like you need to shake things up and put a little more love into yourself – for your own sake – then maybe these tips will help. Because at GimmeSomeSugar, being comfortable in your own skin is the most important part of living your best life.


But with that out of the way, let’s look at a few ways that you can show the world you are ready to take it by storm, and be a person that other people love to be around!


1. Find a job you’re passionate about. Since we spend about a third of our life working, it’s important to spend that time doing something you love. A place that slowly crushes your soul and wears you down…well, people are going to notice that effect after a while. People you’ve known for a long time may notice your moods dropping and your personality becoming more negative, while new people may only ever see this darker side of you. Don’t let that sparkle fade away – find something you love, do it every day, and people will notice. The road there may not always be the easiest, but the end result – a life you want to be living – is worth the trouble.


2. Take care of yourself. Statistically, we sleep just as much as we work (or we should be – you can even get apps to help reduce the bright lights from your electronics before bed to help with this). It’s an incredibly important factor in our overall health and wellness. When combined with proper nutrition and regular exercise, it’s a winning combination of habits that not only help you look better, but help you feel and act better. And that doesn’t mean you have to run on a boring treadmill or lift weights – you can take dance classes, join a sports team, or even do half an hour of yoga in the morning before facing the day. Any movement is better than none, and making small changes to better health will make a huge impact down the road – and when you feel good, you’ll be able to enjoy the good things in life with the people around you.

3. Give honest compliments. Is there anything more awkward than a forced compliment? Most people can easily see through someone who’s being facetious, so be genuine with your words. Remember, people love to feel appreciated – did they get a great new haircut? Are they fun to be around? Did they help you out of a workplace jam when they didn’t have to? Don’t be afraid to let the kindness flow, and tell them that you value them. And – surprise, surprise – this will make people gravitate to you, not because you’re a suck-up, but because you’re open and honest. (And who knows? Maybe you’ll get some compliments back.)

4. Have a skincare routine. Nutrition, workouts, and proper sleep are an excellent foundation for looking good, but having quality products (like our NAKED line we offer) that bring out your inner radiance will have heads turning wherever you go. Find the products that work best for you and get in the habit of using them every morning and night, and with consistent use (and a bit of exfoliation), you’ll be showing your new glow off to the world in no time.

5. Just listen. In a world where everyone can shout online for everyone to hear, and disagreements can easily become ugly arguments, face-to-face listening is a lost art. Instead of simply waiting for an opening to put in your opinion, just listen to what the other person has to say – and use welcoming and attentive body language to show that you’re engaged in their words. It would shock you to know how effective this is on a subliminal level – people will think you’re an excellent conversationalist, even though they’re doing most of the talking. They’ll want to be around you more, and there will be a deeper bond of trust that starts to build. It’s win-win!