4 Ways To Prepare For A Winter Vacation


Back in October, we got an early taste of winter as plenty of snow had already fallen on Calgary to mark the start of the cold season. Now, it is getting dark earlier, the roads are a little icier, and any moment you’ll be longing to spend some time down south, where the sun is still shining and warm!

Not so fast, though. The last thing you want to do when heading off for a vacation is forget about the little details that might make you feel self-conscious. So before you get on the plane, stop off at these local businesses and make sure that you’re looking and feeling your best - after all, you’ll likely be taking plenty of photos and videos to show off!

❤︎ Organic Tan Okotoks - if you’re heading to a tropical location, it can be tempting to lay on the beach for hours without sunscreen to try and get a nice bronze going. But this is dangerous! UV rays can irreversibly damage skin, and sunburns are not only painful and irritating, but can lead to major problems later on. Avoid the burn by hitting up Organic Tan in Okotoks before your trip, and getting an all-natural, skin-safe hue with their research-backed line of airbrush tan products. Simply wait a few hours and wash it off for a perfect tan, without any of the dangers of UV rays. Then feel free to lather on the sunscreen on your trip, skip the sunburn, and still come home looking like a tropical goddess!

❤︎ Vocare Hair Studio - it’s tough to look free-spirited and free if your hair is stringy or frizzy. Breathe some new life into your locks by stopping in at one of our favourite hair studios, where they can get your ‘do looking fresh and ready for adventure. You’ll be ready for every candid photo and unexpected video shoot, no matter where your travels take you!

❤︎ Barre Belle - feeling like you started hibernating a bit early, and need to tone things up? Look no further than the female-oriented Barre Belle studio, a gym that caters to the ladies (and does a really good job of it!). With several locations throughout the city, plenty of classes for all skills and goals, and a positive atmosphere that encourages success, you can melt off those stubborn extra pounds and have your body bikini-ready in no time.

❤︎ GimmeSomeSugar - Don’t forget the most important part! No one wants to see photos from their dream vacation or destination wedding, only to realize there’s a bit - or a lot - more hair than they thought, showing up in all the pictures. Even fine hair, like the peach fuzz on your arms or upper lip, can come through a lot more in sunny locations - a sure way to make you panic if it’s too late to fix. And of course, we don’t even have to mention the much larger amount of skin that’s exposed on the beach...and the unwelcome hair that tends to come along with it.

But we do more than just hair removal here, too. We tint eyebrows for that perfect look, we do skin lightening, we have skin care starter kits for the woman on the go, and we can give you all kinds of tips and recommendations for staying hydrated and healthy while globetrotting. After all, just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you should give up on your at-home routine. And with the help of GimmeSomeSugar, you won’t have to!