3 Totally Real Skincare Tips!


You can find all kinds of information on the internet these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s all good or useful.  A good example of this is if you’re trying to find tips on skin care – what’s the best way to remove unwanted hair? What products are best to use on sensitive skin? Chances are you’ll find plenty of advice that might seem a little bit questionable. In the spirit of that, here are some totally real skincare tips you should totally keep in mind when you’re trying to look your best.

  1. Best Way To Hide Your Body Hair: If hair in certain places is giving you a lot of trouble, and you want to draw attention away from it, there’s a simple solution that will easily replace all of those unwelcome hair follicles with something that stands out even more – and that’s a big red rash. Caused by dull razor blades, hot wax pulling up skin cells, or even just a lack of moisture or technique, a rash can definitely be used to draw the eye away from hair on the legs, arms, or face. If you’d rather just have smooth skin and a clear complexion, you can’t go wrong with body sugaring, though: the clean, natural formula and skin-friendly techniques are sure to give you a hair-free glow, and nothing else that you weren’t expecting.

  2. Skincare Hack To Keep You Alert:  Sure, we’ve all been up close and personal with hair that doesn’t seem to go away – but some of us get to experience the unique sensations of ingrown hairs. Occurring when the hair twists around and begins to grow inward towards the skin again, these little bundles of fun can be caused by shaving against the grain, a dull razor blade, clogged pores, or sometimes, just plain bad luck. What better way to stay alert and feel truly alive than to get your nerves abuzz with the prickling of tiny, built-in needles? It’ll keep you on your toes all day long, keeping you focused and in the zone, without any of those pesky distractions - what a great life hack!

    “But what if I get sugaring done instead?” you might be asking. Well, it’s true that sugaring doesn’t cut the hair like a razor, so it doesn’t have such a sharp end with which to regrow and poke into the skin. And it’s true that it removes the hair entirely, meaning less maintenance than shaving. And, yes, it’s even true that it removes a lot of the dead cells and oily buildup that can clog pores. So, what we’re really trying to say is, if you’re not a fan of ingrown hairs, sugaring is the way to go.

  3. Skincare That Adds Adventure To Your Life:  Thinking of lightening up the skin tone in some of your more personal areas? There’s probably a way to do it with herbal concoctions and a bit of time to experiment, but there’s no guarantee the result will look better than it does now. If you love the thrill and adventure of unnecessary risks and unknown adventure, go to Google and ask the internet for advice about “intimate skin lightening” – you’ll be sure to find plenty of ideas that you didn’t even know existed. But if you just need to know that a product will get your skin looking the way you want, we can guide you in the right direction, because we already use products that do just that. Take the guesswork out of personal skin lightening by coming down to the shop and getting all the information you need, or even picking up a take-home kit to use on your own schedule – it’s not that scary, we promise!

GimmeSomeSugar is so much more than just a body sugaring salon in Calgary (though, hey, it’s what we’re good at). From our top notch sugaring services to our eyebrow tinting and skin lightening, it’s the perfect place to get yourself ready for the summer. We look forward to giving you more tips, tricks, and esthetic solutions when you come and visit us!