3 Keys To A Fresh Summer!


It’s been a long, cold winter and summer is finally within sight – time to put away the parka, dust off the beach towels, and get ready for long days and the warm sun on your skin! But in the midst of all the trip planning and sandal shopping, the last thing you want to do is forget to take care of that skin and have it look less than its best. So here’s a few fresh recommendations for some of our favourite summer products that’ll make your beach body truly shine.

Coffee Scrub

Let’s imagine two friends, Marie and Claire.

Marie likes to keep things simple, and is A-OK with plain old bar soap in the shower, and why not? It cleans, it bubbles, and at ten bucks for a four-pack, the price is unbeatable. Sure, it leaves a bit of a film afterwards, and it doesn’t smell like anything particularly bad or good, and it doesn’t really moisturize her skin…but how important is that, really?

Enter Claire, like a summertime goddess in full radiance. Claire uses this coffee scrub exfoliant product, which not only cleans and refreshes her skin, but also tightens fine wrinkles and creates a smoother appearance. The caffeine infusion rejuvenates the cells, and when she rinses it all off afterward, she’s left with a glow that plain old bar soap can only dream about. Lastly, it primes the outer skin layer for the application of any lotion after a shower, which will give a supple, soft appearance for hours to come.

Floral Toner

Okay, so Marie doesn’t need fancy skin or moisturizer! And after a day out in the hot sun, with sweat and lake water leaving residue all over her skin, she’s fine to just rinse off by dunking once more in the lake and doing a once-over with a towel. We can admire her confidence, and she owns her style well – but is she really doing what’s best for her skin?

Claire, on the other hand, came prepared with this Floral Toner. Throughout the day, she can refresh her face, arms, and other exposed areas as needed, and knows that even after hours outside she can still look radiant and clean. It will give her complexion the tone that she’s after, without drying out her skin or relying on unpronounceable chemicals. Call us biased, but we think Claire is on to something.

I Love My Muff Fresh Wipes

Scene: the hottest club in town on a warm (and humid, sweaty, sticky…) summer night. A sold-out concert. A long overnight camping trip. The first few minutes of cooldown after a long workout at the gym. The Calgary Stampede! Long story short, these are all places where sweat and dirt can pile on and stubbornly wear out their welcome. What’s a gal (or a guy, for that matter) to do?

If you’re Marie, you might be worried about how everything is holding up after a long day. You haven’t had the time or ability to shower, and you wish you had something on hand that could help you feel refreshed in the meantime. But you’ll have to just put up with it until you can get home and rinse away the grime.

But if you’re Claire, you’re not worried at all, because you’ve got these small and portable I Love My Muff Fresh Wipes ready in your bag. No matter where you’ve been or where you need to go next, the dirt of the day doesn’t stand a chance, and you can freshen up at a moment’s notice. Easy and quick to use, perfect for everyone of all ages for effective on-the-go cleaning, and pocket-sized for easy transport, these wipes are the perfect excuse to stay out and have fun for just a little while longer.

Of course, whoever you may identify with and alongside whatever skin care products you get, remember to take care of all your unwanted hair in advance with one of our body sugaring packages, or any of our other services that we offer. Affordable, quick, and effective, Gimme Some Sugar is Calgary’s best place for body sugaring, hair removal, waxing, or other esthetic work – and after just one visit, you’ll know why!