Bikini Sugaring

What is bikini sugaring?

Bikini sugaring is what you get when you feel it's time to upgrade from a bikini wax!  You receive all of the smoothness you desire but with usually less pain and less chance of  those pesky ingrown hairs and skin agitation!  If you haven't given it a try yet... what are you waiting for?  Just come in and ask our lovely ladies to sugar "a little off the sides, thanks!"

What is "bikini+" sugaring?

I'm feeling daring, but not ready for the Full Brazilian yet!  As you've guessed - it's just a step up from the regular bikini sugaring service we offer.  You obviously get all of the benefits listed above but along with that you'll get a larger area of skin perfected!  Get silky smooth for that vacation or special someone in no time with our experienced and friendly staff of sugaring ladies!