Now What?

There are a few simple tricks to keep the skin healthy and ready for your next treatment. 

Avoid touching your freshly sugared area with dirty hands.

Hot baths or hot tubs after sugaring may increase skin sensitivity and is not advised.

Avoid working out for 24 hours after your service as perspiration may irritate the skin directly after treatment.

Avoid hot tubs and swimming pools for 2 days following treatment. The pores of the skin are more open and there is a greater chance of bacterial infection. Salt water pools and tubs are okay.


Tiny red spots may appear on the skin for a few hours, or even a day or so in some cases. If this should happen, do not be alarmed. This is just an indication that the hairs have been removed from the follicle and it is quite normal after a treatment. They will disappear.


To take away the sting and to reduce redness, apply an ice cold compress two to three times for about 2-3 minutes at a time.

Exfoliation should be avoided for 24 hours after treatment as this can irritate sensitive skin.

Do not use perfumed soap or products with chemical irritants on treated area within 24 hours of your treatment.

To quickly reduce any redness to the area, wrap an ice cube in a wet cloth and apply it to the treated area 5 or 6 times at one hour intervals. You may develop some whiteheads in this area but they seldom appear with subsequent treatments.


If you have been shaving, the first treatment is the worst, due to the fact that the bulb at the base of the hair shaft is enlarged. The more treatments you receive, the weaker the roots get and the easier it is to remove the hair. Due to the way hair grows, it will take a few months to replace the shaven hair with a natural hair growth.


Avoid sun tanning for at least 24 hours after your sugaring appointment, as sugared skin will be more sensitive to the UV rays. 

You should not receive a treatment if your skin is sunburned.


Many people are subject to in-grown hairs due to the hair being out of the follicle for weeks giving the dead skin cells a chance to form over the mouth of the follicle, thus causing the hair to grow under the skin when it reappears. To prevent this from happening you should soak 3 times per week in lukewarm water with a 1/2 cup of dead sea salts for 10 minutes. Exfoliate for a few more minutes. Be sure to re-hydrate your skin afterwards with body lotion. Ask your technician for suggestions to suit your personal requirements. The use of a topical agent such as Tend-Skin or In-B-Gone on a regular basis will help prevent ingrown hairs from forming and heal any active ones you do have.


The best results occur when you establish a consistent routine suitable to your hair growth. Since the reduction of hair growth is a gradual process and is achieved by regular treatments over a period of time, the usual time span between appointments is 4-6 weeks; perhaps a little more often in the summer. It is important to note that due to the changes that may occur in your hormonal balance from time to time, you may have unusually heavy growth perhaps once a year. This is quite normal. Keep in mind that the reduction of hair growth will occur gradually, despite the occasional heavy growth and this doesn't mean that the treatment isn't working or that your hair growth is being stimulated.


Hair growth needs to be only 1/2” to be removed. 1" if you have been shaving (at least 2 weeks growth). If you are using Retin-A, or any other topical cream for acne on your face we would not be able to remove hair anywhere on your face. However ....It is still ok to get any other areas done. If you are on Accutane or have been on Accutane in the last six months we cannot sugar you at all. We are happy to quote you a price for tweezing your brows. It is not recommended to have any areas sugared or waxed when on Accutane as the drug shuts off all of your oil glands. This can cause SEVERE lifting of the skin that could damage and scar the skin.